Dogs in the civil war

Since a long time back, dogs have been brought to the wars created by man. It is very sad to think that they had to endure these situations which they had no stake in. We can only hope that this is now a thing of the past. Some museums that are dedicated to portraying the civil war, have got evidence of soldiers bringing their dogs along to the battlefield. Maybe now we are able to make up for this, by giving our pets the best lives possible. A couple of museums allow us to bring our dogs, and some even provide a service where someone watches over our pets while we are inside. That way they can get some rest, or play while we look around. A good advice for museums that have this kind of dog-sitting, is to get some fancy dog beds, so that they are able to relax and require less attention by the staff if there are many pets at the same time. There are some nice luxury dog beds that can be found on this page.

american civil warMany of the dogs that were used in the american civil war, were brought as mascots to improve morale of the troops. Some of them even got famous, and are remembered to this day. Many different breeds were used for this purpose, but a few were more prominent, like Bulldogs and Irish Wolfhounds.

The armies frequently had to walk long distances, so there was no shortage of physical exercise for their dogs. In todays day and age, where many pets do not get enough stimulation, that could be seen as something positive, but even dogs have a limited amount of energy, and walking all day could easily exceed what is considered healthy. Then there are all loud and sudden noises and movements. Dogs experience these things in a way that is much greater than ours. Their hearing is amplified, so both gunshots and cannon fire can prove very shocking. On top of that, imagine what it would be like, participating in these battles without knowing why you are there and what is really going on.


In present time though, it can be a fun activity to bring our dogs on a historical tour to learn more about the battle of Gettysburg and similar events, as long as they are allowed of course. That way, we can explore and gain a deeper understanding of our history, while our pets get to experience new scenery in nature, and engage in this activity together with us. But take care not to participate in demonstrations that involve loud sounds and noises, as that can easily scare them. Activities like this, although fun, can make both humans and dogs alike become tired afterwards, so make sure there is a nice place to sleep and regain some strength. Again, luxury dog beds would be an ideal item for this purpose. Some museums even sell these in their gift shop, so that could be one place to look. Another would be to start looking online, either by reading up on the subject through sites like the one described previously in this article, or by going straight to a shop and placing an order.